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This site is dedicated to Hunter Spencer Graham

The following is written by Phyllis Graham, Hunter Graham’s Mom.  Hunter was killed instantly in a single-vehicle motorcycle accident on April 7, 2006.  No alcohol or drugs were involved, and Hunter was wearing a helmet.  Hunter was born November 15, 1985.  I am Jim Graham, Hunter’s Dad.

November 15, 2006

I stood there mindlessly staring at glassware that I neither needed nor wanted,

trying to keep my mind from thinking.  I had done quite a bit of that during the

last seven months.  If I kept my mind busy with distractions, I could keep the

tears from burning my eyes-at least some of the time. Today it was especially hard

to accomplish this.  On this day twenty-one years ago our surprise baby was born.

Oh, how happy we all were.   I never imagined that he would be taken from us so soon.

He would never get to experience so many wonderful things.  He would never marry,

which he wanted to do.   He would never have children, which he wanted, and he

would never get to care for his aging parents, which he liked to tease us about.

I stood there thinking that this would be the worst Christmas ever. 

Then I heard it.  Even on the scratchy store speakers, it was beautiful-Oh,

Little Town of Bethlehem.  Suddenly a strange feeling washed over me.  We had more

reason to celebrate Jesus birth this year than ever before.  Because of that perfect

baby coming into this imperfect world, with all its hurts, pain, and tears we would

one day be with Hunter again.  Never again would there be pain, tears or separation.

And, I knew that Hunter was happier than I could ever comprehend.  Yes, there was

reason to celebrate!  I left the store with Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem still

playing in my mind and heart and with a little different perspective of Christmas.

I know it will not be easy.  We all miss Hunter so very much, but I am so thankful

that our family knows and loves Jesus.  The circle will not be broken.

As I have said and thought so many times during the last seven months, God loves

us and Hunter, and He doesn’t make mistakes.

Phyllis Graham